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Whole Life Coaching & Flower Essences:

Partnering to Create Powerful Change in Our Lives
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Wouldn’t it be ideal if every morning we could stand in a buffet line and order exactly what we want in our life that day, just like we choose our breakfast? “I’ll have a new job opportunity, a loving family dinner and a side of happiness please, light on the tension.”

While life isn’t that simplistic, we certainly do have a say in what we want to create. It is our thoughts, ideas and beliefs that shape our life. When these thoughts and beliefs are backed by fears, judgments, self-defeating behaviors and painful memories, their influence also determines how our life is formed. However, we have the ability and power to create change within. We can choose to change our stressed out, unfulfilled and overworked life into a life we love, making the quality of our life our utmost priority.

How do we go about creating that change? We start by sorting the real from the illusion, the practical from the unnecessary, in order to discover what is truly important to us in our lives. During this process, we need to remain grounded in our bodies and handling our day to day lives, like paying the bills, having relationships, a career, a purpose, etc. We need to do all that and still evolve spiritually.

How Whole Life Coaching and Essences Can Partner With You in Creating Change

Even though this sounds like quite a task, it is not something we need to do alone. We can have the assistance of a life coach, someone who can help us see clearly through the chaos and create balance while exploring our soul’s potential. A life coach partners with us, creating a plan to achieve what it is we want our life to be. They assist with eliminating any obstacles that may be in the way, turning unconscious choices into conscious decisions.

As a whole life coach, I have worked with clients for over 20 years, utilizing several healing modalities during our coaching partnership. I continually turn to flower essences as they have proven to be a valuable tool in the process of change. Clients who have incorporated the essences into their journey have seen marked changes in very short periods of time. In using flower essences, I find that the relationship between our soul’s purpose and our unconscious patterns is opened and cleared in such a way that deep soul healing takes place.

During the whole life coaching process, various emotional patterns will surface as we strive to achieve our goals. For example, choosing to create a change in career direction can be exciting and yet still have layers of fear and anxiety attached to it. Any transition or change means we face the unknown. We go from safe, comfortable and known into unfamiliar territory that is unknown, uncomfortable and not in our control. We experience a mix of emotions and require support.

Whole life coaching offers supportive partnership, talking through the feelings and assisting with the changes, however, the emotional support goes deeper when flower essences are recommended. Flower essences are remedies for soul care that encourages change, and leads the individual into a powerful feeling of self-care. They provide the support and energetic assistance, as well as the catalyst needed to stimulate change.

Overcoming Reluctance to Change

We are creatures of habit, constantly cycling in our routines, not only physically, but also emotionally. When we want to create change, those patterns must change as well. For example, those individuals who are stagnant or hesitant to move forward, Cayenne essence and Scleranthus are particularly helpful. Those who are struggling with grief and fear of experiencing loss are supported well by Eucalyptus, Aspen and Borage. There are hundreds of flower essences, each as unique as the individuals they assist.

A client contacted me while she was caretaking her elderly parents. She was overtired, worn down and was feeling victimized by her mother’s extremely critical nature. ‘Dumbed down’ and judged for every action, her natural instincts were slowly diminishing, being replaced by self-judgment and repression. She was becoming someone she did not like. She felt overly responsible to her parents even though, according to her mother, she could not do anything right. She was searching for herself once again and wanted to create a change, yet she was reluctant to take any actions.

The first step in our coaching partnership was to uncover the feelings that were buried under her circumstances. Once awareness existed, we could work together to create the change through the power of intention, choice and action. I suggested that she have some additional support while we consciously worked through many of the issues in her family dynamics. My recommendations for her first round of flower essence support included Pine for self forgiveness and acceptance, along with Sunflower and Buttercup to boost her self esteem.

Just as we peel layers of an onion, so to do we peel layers of emotion to achieve healing. We release and create change in stages, therefore, we use flower essences in layers as well. While there were several issues emotionally that were present, her healing needed to begin with a sense of knowing that she had the ability to make those changes. The Pine, Sunflower, Buttercup combination of essences were beneficial for this. Throughout her coaching work, we have utilized various essences at different stages in her process. This client continues in whole life coaching, however she is now a changed woman.

She stepped up and told her family she could no longer care for her parents, they supported her decision and made other arrangements that have worked to benefit everyone involved, especially her parents. Our next step is to work through the many layers of criticism received throughout her life. Presently she is working with Willow essence to address the resentment that she holds toward her mother. I am confident that her conscious work through the coaching process, combined with the flower essences will help her to move quickly through this process of change.

Change Happens

Life is constantly changing and whole life coaching means working with the changes as they happen, so no two people are alike. Whole life coaching is based upon you, and you are ever changing. Flower essences support the emotional changes as you work together with your coach, consciously engaging the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies to focus on a clear life path. The result is that you feel lighter, determined, motivated and focused on the path in front of you. Whole life coaching is based upon the concept of “whole,” therefore you are receiving support and guidance in all areas of your life, not just your career, or relationship, etc.

Life does not come with a set of instructions. However, through deep listening and conscious intention, we can illuminate the path and choose which roads to take. Working with a whole life coach, you’ll have a personal tour guide leading the way. While there are various life coaching niches, whole life coaching approaches individuals as part of the greater whole, integrated energetically with all that is. This form of life coaching combines practical life coaching techniques with a metaphysical approach. The whole life coach walks between the worlds of the physical and spiritual, helping their clients to create balance and energetic alignment.

About the Author:
Jaelin K. Reece is a Whole Life Coach, intuitive and guide.

Jaelin uses these complementary skills to facilitate people in realizing their true potential in their personal lives, relationships, career, and prosperity. She assists people in transforming their lives and creating the life they love to live. Jaelin serves as a mentor, consultant and success partner for her clients. She combines her coaching and intuitive skills with over 20 years of professional experience with clients, to help them create a life of passion, joy and empowerment. You can visit her website at http://www.illuminationsnetwork.com

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