Sunday, March 1, 2009

March Madness or what???

Last night the weather forecast said a dusting of snow and just a snow flurry on Monday.. no big deal. This morning I wake up and they are saying 15" + ... what the heck? I guess we can always count on Mother Nature to have her say in things and not have to answer to any of us! LOL

So, what did I do? I went out to the drugstore, got a few groceries today and am set to stay in for tomorrow. I am so tired of snow! By the first week of March I usually have such bad cabin fever that I am aching to go anywhere-- I don't care where. AARGH!

I did go out yesterday to visit my brother & SIL. My little nephew is 1-1/2 and he's so cute! We played basketball for the afternoon... what a hoot! His big brother is 16 and passed his driver's test this week... so he's driving. That's a big deal for him.

I'm off to work on some web design for my 'other' job.

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