Monday, March 2, 2009

Great new Etsy feature... & Giveaway reminder!

Have you spotted the new feature yet? I have... it's in the recent listings photos that run along the bottom of the home page. It's a small link on the right hand side that says "See even more recent items..."

If you click on that link you have the option to open to a full screen with live photos filling the screen as sellers list them... how cool is that? and when you hover your mouse over an individual item, a larger photo pops up... I'm loving it! Thanks to the admin who thought this one up!

Today is March 2nd... only 4 days left to enter my blog giveaway to win 2 scrabble tile pendants. Take a moment to enter if you haven't already done so... Enter now!

My recycle pendants were recently featured as a giveaway on recycling has become such an important requirement for our environment, it's great to see it create such a surge in the indie community as well! The winners have already been chosen for that contest.

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