Thursday, May 29, 2008

A bit out of the loop today...

There I was, talking on the phone, looking out my front door and a tractor trailer truck goes flying by and the top of his truck hooked the wires hanging across the road and ripped my phone line and cable lines right off my house! No phone, no cable, no internet... what a noise! i thought the entire side of the house was being torn off.

Sure enough, the truck never stopped and turns out he ripped down 2 other lines halfway down my street. We don't usually get trailer trucks on our street, but what a mess! I missed out on a 4pm meeting online and I'm only now getting back online. The phone company & DSL are back. No cable tv until tomorrow, but that's not a big deal, except LOST is on tonight! AARGH! I guess I'll have to catch it online.

So, enough about my connectedness today...

I did want to write that I am a member of the Etsy Street Knitters Team and the Etsy Maine Team. They both have wonderful blogs that I author on. Please take a moment to visit them.

I also will be adding spotlights on various Etsy artist in the coming weeks... so stay tuned.

I picked up more wholesale accounts for my pendants today. My sister-in-law is my new sales rep-- how cool is that? So, if you own a shop or boutique and are interested in carrying my line of scrabble tile pendants, please contact me through my website :

Monday, May 26, 2008

Little girls LOVE birthday Parties & CUPCAKES!

What a great combination! I've put together this fabulous little Cupcake Birthday Party Pack:

Receive 6 cupcake scrabble tile pendants & one slice of birthday cake pendant complete with pink ribbon chains in a Cupcake Party tin! You can special order the exact number of cupcake pendants needed. Take a look:

Can you imagine how excited your little girl would be to receive one of these at her next birthday party? The pendant is a great 'take home' gifts for each girl in attendance.

Think scrabble tile pendants for her birthday!! Contact me through my shop for special order quantities. Cupcake pendants are also available individually.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Beautiful Packages from Paper

With each pendant purchased I include a decorative pillow box with bow that can be used to gift wrap the pendant... perfect for Mother's Day or a special birthday, however sometimes we want to go that extra step to make something even more special. That's why I offer special decorative paper boxes and purses as gift packaging for sale as well.

Check these out:
The decorative Flower Tower box on the left, and the Starflower blue purse on the right both make gorgeous gift packages for those special items.

The flower garden purse is spectacular for gifting a beautiful scrabble tile pendant.