Thursday, July 16, 2009

SEO Consulting for Handmade

What is SEO?

It stands for Search Engine Optimizing.

It is the process of coding your personal websites well in order for search engines to find you more quickly.

Do you have a website for your handmade business? Something other than online venues such as Etsy, 1000 Markets, Artfire, etc? if so, does it get the traffic you would like it to receive? The odds are that it doesn't. Working to optimize a website for the search engines, to not only find it, but to bring it up on the first few pages of the search is an artform in itself.

I have been working with business web clients for the past 5 years doing SEO consulting. If you would like to have your business website search engine optimized, contact me for details and to schedule a consultation.

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Anonymous said...

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