Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm a part-time juggler...

That is the conclusion I've come to recently. With all the various projects I have going I realize that I really have another part time job - one as a juggler! LOL

I made a list of everything that I juggle on a daily basis:
  • coaching clients & appts
  • responding to emails
  • returning phone calls
  • twitter & facebook
  • Coaching Handmade
  • checking etsy, artfire, etc.
  • filling, packing & shipping orders
  • creating pendants
  • going to the post office
  • bookkeeping
  • time with my boyfriend
  • housework, cooking, etc
  • and I'm sure there's more...
I guess it's just as well that I do not have children, then I'd have to grow another set of arms! I'd look like Shakti -

Today, I added another trip downtown and then to the post office, stopped for an iced mocha and finally headed back home. 5 minutes at the computer to check in turns into 2 hours because I'm blogging, which I have been neglecting too much lately, and responding to more wholesale requests.

Are you a juggler too?

What do you juggle everyday?

I want to hear your list. Take a moment, blog about your list, and then challenge your readers to blog their lists as well. it will be cool to see how similar or dissimilar we all are..



QuirkyDolls said...

FT Night shift nurse
4 pets
1 hubby
2 teen kids
( mentally exhausting)
2 neices
(babysitting fun,but...)
etsy store
(Yikes that takes HOURS)
Crafting( fun...yeah!)
the house work
the cooking ( Big Yuk!)
Exercise ( I wish )
sleep (at short intervals)
A Life in Truely in Paradise
(Everybodys Healthy :)


LOL! You've got me beat!