Sunday, July 5, 2009

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Did you Know?
Only 30% of the workforce are fortunate enough to make up the creative sector of the US economy, and yet is estimated that over 47% of all wealth generated in the US is the direct result of human creativity.

This is an import figure to know. According to Richard Florida, best selling author of The Rise of the Creative Class, the 'creative class' as he has coined the term, comes down to a "passionate quest for experience."

As artisans and crafters, and even more so as Handmade Sellers, we thrive on the experience of utilizing our creativity to make money. Creativity is something essential that we all have, and that must be nourished, renewed and maintained - or else it slips away from us.

For a long time, I stepped away from my creativity and I felt a nagging emptiness. In the past year, I not only stepped back into my creativity, but I have opened shops on both Etsy and Artfire. With all the experience I have gained over a lifetime of creating and selling, I immediately put my knowledge to work to increase my sales.

I have 2 shops on, 'Jesse Janes' and 'Fuzzy Bunny Knits' and a shop on In my first year on etsy, Jesse Janes has had over 2800 sales and is on the Top Sellers list.

In my 'day job' I am a Life Coach. I have been working with clients around the world for over 20 years, assisting them to create balance in their overly hectic lives and to regain their creativity and passion.

In the past year, my passion for coaching and my passion for creating have coincided. As a result, I am making more money and I have found myself helping other Handmade Sellers to do the same. It's fun, exciting & extremely profitable for the sellers!

I have the freedom to work when I want and to combine my passions - what more could anyone want? Etsy has changed the way I do business. YOU can have that passion too! I can help you by bringing you a wealth of knowledge and experience, along with a network of other Handmade Sellers, all working together to increase our customer base & sales!

I've created Coaching Handmade to be THE Resource for increased knowledge and sales for anyone who sells handmade or wants to! Coaching Handmade is a Membership site and will be launching within the next few days. Membership will be available to everyone for a low fee. The benefits will be awesome!

Join with other Handmade Sellers around the globe to increase sales, enhance the handmade buying experience for customers and learn how to use the latest technologies to work for you!
Remember, you need to work SMARTER, Not Harder!!
Do you suffer from PFS?
Promotion Fatigue Syndrome

We all do... promotion is time consuming, but working smarter instead of harder is the real answer! Joining together, we can all work smarter.... NOT harder and receive even better results!

BENEFITS of Membership:



Network with other Handmade Sellers

Handmade Marketing Resources

Learn to Use Technology to Gain Sales

Learn Ins & Outs of Wholesale

Joint Marketing Opportunities

and MORE...

Visit Coaching Handmade to keep posted.. I will let you know as soon as Membership is open. In the meantime, become a fan at Jesse Jane's on Facebook. The latest news is always posted there first!

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