Monday, May 18, 2009

Social Media time warp...

WOW! There is not enough time in a day to keep up with my 'day job' and promote, promote, promote.... Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Etsy forum, blog posts...

I supposed I need to eat, sleep and actually create some product in between all those tasks. LOL!

To top it all off, a pre-Mercury Retrograde computer hack problem! I had to save as much as I could to my external drive and then reinitialize my desktop computer. What a mess! I think I managed to save all pertinent info, but who knows until I go looking for something.

The challenge is finding all my photos. I have so many photo folders, even under the main 'My Pcitures' folder, but they don't all seem to be there when I go looking... yuck.

I suppse that's good incentive to take new photos, huh?

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