Sunday, May 3, 2009

Get Visible- Be Seen! 18 page report

I recently celebrated my 1 year Etsy Anniversary at Jesse Janes. During that time I have had over 2700 sales and feel great having accomplished such a feat.

How have I had so many sales? First, I believe it is about your product, but it is also about how dedicated you are to promoting your shop outside of Etsy. I have spent a large amount of time planning a marketing approach that I can manage with my time constraints. I’ve decided to put all of my ‘secrets’ into paper in hopes that the information packed in these pages will help you Get Visible – Be Seen!

What is in this 18 page lesson?

1. Having your own business website

2. Optimizing your website for Search Engines

3. Blogging for visibility

4. Using social media outlets

5. Building relationships with other popular sites

6. Using your local connections to build visibility & customers

7. Create repeat customers – keep them coming back for more

With 3500+ words, and numerous screen shot photos, I take you through all the various steps I have taken to advertise my shop outside of Etsy.

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