Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Valentine's Day - Recycled Gift Wrap

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, in fact I had to send my honey his gifts early because he's leaving for a trip in a couple days and will be gone through the holiday. Unfortunately that means we will be doing Valentine's Day via a phone call... but it's been like that in previous years at times too. We make due even though we live on either side of the country. Soon, we will be moving to NY though. It will nice to no longer be 3000 miles apart. We've been together going on 7 years, so it's time to get it together... and live together.

As I was wrapping his gifts I remembered the fabulous Valentine's Day gift bags I purchased from The Ole Bag Lady on I use the bags to wrap items that I sell in my shop, such as tins and pendants. Giving gifts, or wrapping items I sell is enhanced by adding a fabric gift bag with ribbon that can be used and reused, again and again.

The Scrabble Tile Pendants that I create use recycled / reclaimed scrabble tile game pieces, so I love it when I can add a gift bag that can be recycled as well.

Check out these beautiful bags from The Ole Bag Lady. Also, visit her shop. you're bound to find bags that you will love, and her prices are so inexpensive for such quality made bags. I love her shop & am a frequent customer.

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