Friday, August 22, 2008

New designs! Yeah!

I've added more new designs this week. It's been so hectic I haven't had much of a chance to blog about them though. I've finally got a few minutes and I want to share the pics with you!

The picture to the left is called 'Mystic Water'. Isn't it gorgeous!
I love the deep blues with the full moon sitting on the water amidst the trees. It's fast becoming my most popular scrabble tile pendant!

Staying with the 'moon' theme, I have another new tile called 'New Moon'. It has beautiful deep oranges and yellows with the new moon sliver picking out. I think this pendant will be popular too!

Also, I have a great new line of Halloween pendants! There are some scary ones, like Pumpkinhead, Jack and Haunted, or simple Halloween favorites like Trick or Treat, Halloween Party, and Haunted House.

And everyone's favorite: Jolly Santa

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