Saturday, September 12, 2009

Has it really been so long? Time to prep for the holidays!

I just noticed I haven't posted to my blog since August 24th! WOW! I guess it shows just how busy I have been. I've been inundated with wholesale orders, so I am working to catch up.

I spent time this afternoon going to Staples. I had purchased a Logitech wireless keyboard & mouse last week on sale. When I had installed it, all the keyboard did every time I touched it was to zoom in. I even uninstalled and then reinstalled. It was just defective, so I returned it this morning & got a cheaper version Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse & it works great! - go figure.

So, here I am typing away and loving my new keyboard. Finally something that works & doesn't stick. I love it!

It's been a busy week catching up, making hundreds of scrabble tile pendants and shipping them out. August was really the beginning of my holiday season it seems. This week has been slow though, probably good because it has given me time to play catchup.

I'm in the process of getting prepped for holiday shipping needs. My Dad is a great help! he's makes all my shipping envelopes for me. It's great! I use colorful scrapbooking paper to make my shipping envelopes so it's more exciting for people to receive in their mail box.

I received a great comment from a customer today regarding my packaging.,

"...just wanted to let you know I got the necklaces today....they are SO cute...I can't wait till halloween gets closer so I can wear them!!! thanks so much.

ps--you packed them so nicely! I felt like I was getting a gift, not something I'd simply purchased. thanks again. " - L.

That was such a nice note to receive!

Speaking of getting ready for the holiday rush.. there's a great forum thread at Etsy by Tiny Fig about prepping for the holidays. Check it out. Some great tips!

THis paragraph is a great reminder that really struck me-- because this is usually the area that I have trouble in too:


PRIORITIZE! There have been times where I have run out of earring hooks or earring posts or glue and it Drives me insane. Write out a list of your absolute necessities and then rank them by how long it takes to get these items. For example, if i run out of shrink plastic I can get it at Michaels which is 10 mins away, I can order ear hooks and ear posts from Rio Grande and have them at my door the next day, if I run out of labels I can pick some up at Staples but if I order some poly baggies from an Etsy seller it will take about a month to get to me via first class. So knowing that I order the poly baggies ahead of time and in bulk to ensure I have enough and to save on shipping. By prioritizing what I need and staying organized I shouldn't have to deal with this issue."

I have tried to start earlier, with over 500 mailing envelopes from my Dad last week. I need to take a trip to the store to stock up on even more scrapbook paper so he can make many more for me. Bubble wrap, that's my next need to stock up on... :0)

Ok, I'm off to do some sewing that needs to get done and I finally have the afternoon free to do it. yay!

Check out this great new item I've listed this week:

It's perfect for the entire year! Something for various occasions for the teacher in your life! The set come as you see in the photo, along with a ball chain - all for just $ 55.00.

How cool is that?

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