Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Crafting a New You! Self Empowering Toolkits

Well, I finally accomplished it! I've been busily creating for my 'day job' as a Self Empowerment Life Coach & Counselor. What could I possibly be creating to help people achieve greater self confidence and to really stand on their own during the challenges we all face in this economy?

I've just launched 'Crafting a New You!'

Crafting a New You! is a line of Self Empowering toolkits that I've designed and produced. The kits include a handcrafted Sacred Symbol Divination Stones set & cards, an Affirmation set of cards, a 22 page instruction manual with detailed instructions and various exercises you can use to work through challenging issues, and a custom flower essence combination geared to assist you emotionally through the process.

Crafting a New you Self Empwoering Toolkits

The are 6 fabulous "Crafting A New You!' Self Empowering toolkits available:

Abundant Opportunities - Have you lived your life believing your are not deserving of abundance? Or that you never receive opportunities to create abundance? This kit will assist you in uncovering belief you carry that have kept you from attracting abundance into your life.

Finding Purpose
- Do you question why you are here? Are you unhappy with the direction your life has taken? Would you like to feel a sense of purpose in your life? This kit will assist you in uncovering your purpose. The exercises will lead you in the right direction.

Fresh Start
-Have you been carrying the burden of the past? Feel tied to your job even though you know you want to move on? Are you having difficulty starting a new project? This kit will give you tools to use to release the past and permission to start fresh.

Joyful Movement - Do you resist exercising? Do you spend your day sitting at a desk? Do you have difficulty taking care of your body & nourishing it? This kit will assist you in uncovering the beliefs you carry that have kept you from having a healthy relationship with your body.

Peaceful Mind - Does your mind run constantly, never slowing to rest? Do you have difficulty sleeping? Is it impossible for you to meditate? This kit will assist you in uncovering the source of your anxious mind activities, along with exercises to help you focus.

Soulful Intimacy - Would you like to feel more connected? Do you feel yourself withholding in the relationship? Is it difficult for you to trust? This kit will assist you in releasing restrictions, grief and hurts that you have carried in your heart, allowing you to open gently and trust the process.

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